The Emperor of All Maladies

The Emperor of All Maladies: A Biography of Cancer - Siddhartha Mukherjee

Has anyone read this? 


I started it last week and just finished 120 pages or so. I'm finding it interesting and easy to read but my brain is not cooperating with me. I think it might be a matter of needed someone to chat about it with me so I'm not slogging through the heavy subject all by myself.

The Spotty Dog

Hubby and I finally made the trip to Hudson to visit The Spotty Dog. We've been talking about visiting for like a year now and yesterday we decided to go on a little adventure.


It was awesome. Crowded though. Okay if you knew exactly what you want (and it helps if you are sort of a hipster in terms of reading) and don't mind squeezing around people or waiting for people to move. And can get over the fear of knocking over someone's beer while browsing.


I had a lot of fun there even while feeling claustrophobic. Unlike most other bars at least I knew I was surrounded by my kind of people...the people who had no issues with sitting at the bar with a brew and a book. 


I was a fan of the book selection, they did not have every genre but it was definitely wide enough that most anyone coming in could find something they wanted. A fair mix of classics with more popular modern titles. I ended up picking up three books for myself and two for my husband so I spend quite a bit but the beer was craft beer (mostly from NYS) and reasonable priced ($5 for a mug, $6 for a pint) and there was a ton of other drinks on the menu (wine and non alcoholic) and they have apps and desserts. 


It was like two hours from my house so not a place I'll get to go too often but it did make a nice day trip.

One of My Issues

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Missed This Place

I've been trying to blog for two months now at Blogger and I am lonely. Most of the time I feel as though I am talking to myself and I don't like that. I tried read and commenting at other blogs but rarely did anyone do the same to me. I started participating in a weekly meme but again, I felt lost in the shuffle. 


So I am coming back here to stay and starting next weekend I'll be bringing my old reviews over and posting new ones. 

This Week on the Nearly Reader

The Accidental Billionaires: The Founding of Facebook - Ben Mezrich The Wedding Dress Diaries (The Wedding Season, #0.5) - Aimee Carson

On Monday I posted about my inability to stop buying new books.


Tuesday I reviewed The Wedding Dress Diaries.


Wednesday Book Run!


Thursday I reviewed The Accidential Billionaires.


Friday was my first try at The Friday 56.


And Saturday and Sunday I reviewed the week.

24 Books to Read Based on Your Favorite TV Show

Yet no Gilmore Girls? What a rip off.


Aside from that, I actually like this list.

This Week in Book News

I Remember Nothing

I Remember Nothing: And Other Reflections - Nora Ephron
I Remember Nothing was not the first experience I had with Nora Ephron, I had read quite a few of her works that are included in her collection The Most of Nora Eprhon which was published after her death and of course I've seen a number of her most well known movies. But I devoured this collection in one sitting and promptly fell in love.  I was at equal times laughing and heart broken by Mrs. Eprhron's observations of life and her mortality. At one point I had to restrain myself from ripping out an entire essay to send to my friend who had gone through a rough year (actually, I still might). 
Nora Ephron was a damn fine woman and I'm sorry I never appreciated her genius while she was alive.
Now who wants to have a Nora Ephron movie marathon with me this weekend?
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Nanny Returns

Nanny Returns - Nicola Kraus, Emma McLaughlin

Ten years ago, Nan was fired from her job taking care of six year old Grayer. Soon after she packed her bags and followed Harvard Hottie to Europe. Now Nanny is back in New York City, where her path once again crosses the teenage Grayer and his little brother.


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Twenty-Eight and a Half Wishes

Twenty-Eight and a Half Wishes (Rose Gardner Mystery #1) - Denise Grover Swank

I read this book on Wattpad, and based on most of the other books I've read on there...I didn't have high expectations, and in fact, the first chapter almost turned me off. Unless I'm reading a Stephen King novel I don't do supernatural and Rose just seemed like a sheltered pushover. Not a very interesting character.


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What Do I Read

I am not an organized person at all. My organizational skills end with designating a certain shelf for books that I have yet to read. After that, it's a total crap shoot as to where they end up around the apartment.

But I do have some kind of system on my virtual bookshelf on Booklikes. For two years I have recorded just about every book I've read and categorized them in a way for me to keep track of the type of books I read...


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My New Book Blog

I started a new book blog. I missed blogging regularly...and while I love blogging here it is kind of limited as to who can comment and stuff. So my new space is


I'm going to be cross posting stuff on here. Maybe not every post...but definitely the book reviews and that sort of thing. So sorry if I fill up your feed as I run to catch up.

Where the Stars Still Shine

Where the Stars Still Shine - Trish Doller

From Goodreads: Stolen as a child from her large and loving family, and on the run with her mom for more than ten years, Callie has only the barest idea of what normal life might be like. She's never had a home, never gone to school, and has gotten most of her meals from laundromat vending machines. Her dreams are haunted by memories she’d like to forget completely. But when Callie’s mom is finally arrested for kidnapping her, and Callie’s real dad whisks her back to what would have been her life, in a small town in Florida, Callie must find a way to leave the past behind. She must learn to be part of a family. And she must believe that love--even with someone who seems an improbable choice--is more than just a possibility.


This was my second novel by Trish Doller and I enjoy her books, although I probably will never find myself seeking out her back cataloge and stick to getting her books on a more impulsive level. 

What I like about this particular novel is that I found it interesting. The plot wasn't exactly unique, but put into the setting and the characters...I found myself more invested in this book. I loved the Greek-American family that Callie is reunited with. 
I was a bit disappointed with the lack of depth this book had. It wasn't shallow, there was a lot of emotions involved so it wasn't that....I just did not feel challenged by this book. It was a perfect read immediately following the books it the time I just needed some quick, fun read...but if I had read it at another time I would definitely feel it's lack of challenging me. 
If you are looking for a quick weekend read, then this definitely would be a decent pick...but if you are looking for something with a bit more depth...then perhaps give this one a miss.

The Invisible Front

The Invisible Front: Love and Loss in an Era of Endless War - Yochi J Dreazen

From Goodreads: Major General Mark Graham is a decorated two-star officer whose integrity and patriotism inspired his sons, Jeff and Kevin, to pursue military careers of their own. When Kevin and Jeff die within nine months of one another—Kevin, a student enrolled in the University of Kentucky’s Reserve Officers’ Training Corps program, commits suicide and Jeff, who served in the Army as a second lieutenant, dies as a result of an IED attack in Iraq—Mark and his wife Carol find themselves reeling after the loss of two of their three children. As they begin to gather their bearings and contemplate a life without their sons, they must also come to terms with the terrible stigma that surrounds suicide in the military. This stigma is brought into high relief through the Grahams’ own experience of how their tight-knit military community marked their sons’ very different deaths.
The Grahams commit themselves to fighting the military’s suicide epidemic and making sure that the families of troops who take their own lives receive the dignity and compassion that were the hallmarks of both of their sons’ lives. The Invisible Front is the story of their quest to do so. As Mark ascends the military hierarchy and eventually takes command of Fort Carson, Colorado—a sprawling base with one of the highest suicide rates in the armed forces—the Grahams assume a larger platform from which to work to reduce the stigma that surrounds mental health in the military and to develop new ways of keeping troubled troops from killing themselves. Their efforts put them in direct conflict with an entrenched military bureaucracy that considered mental health problems to be a display of weakness and that refused to acknowledge, until far too late, the severity of its suicide problem. The Grahams refuse to back down, using the pain and grief that their sons’ deaths inspired to fight to change the institution that is the cornerstone of their lives. 
Yochi Dreazen, an award-winning journalist who has covered the military since 1999, has been granted remarkable access to the Graham family and, as a result, is able to tell the story of Kevin and Jeff’s legacy in the full context of America’s two long wars. The Invisible Front places the Graham family’s story against the backdrop of the military’s suicide spike, caused in part by the military’s own institutional shortcomings and its resistance to change. With great sympathy and deep understanding, The Invisible Frontexamines America's problematic treatment of its soldiers and offers the Graham family’s work as a new way of understanding how to minimize the risk of suicide, substance abuse and PTSD in the military.

I had won this book in a giveaway a few months ago but kept putting off reading it. I wasn't sure if I wanted to spend time reading out the suicide problem in the military. I have too many loved ones who are either ex military or currently serving and the prospect was just a bit too unsettling. 
I'm glad that I finally read it. It was not a cheerful read, it was sobering and depressing but it was extremely interesting. It wasn't exactly the type of book that I couldn't put down but I did find myself wanting to read it which is a bit unusual for a non fiction book, in a subject that I usually would not find myself invested in.
I'm glad to say that my second hand experiences with the military healthcare in regards to psych care has been better that what was reported in the book, and I would like to say that it is because of the work of the Graham family and others who are pushing for improvements within the system.

A Game of Thrones

A Game of Thrones - George R.R. Martin

There is something about busy weekends that make me feel overly ambiguous. The weekend following Christmas was no exception. Despite the fact I had shopping and baking and a family party to attend...I still thought it was a great time to start a 800 page book. A 800 page book in a series and genre I wasn't even sure I wanted to touch with a ten foot pole.

But for the first time ever there wasn't a waiting list to borrow it from Overdrive so I figured that meant I should give it a try. The worst that could happen was I'd spend two weeks struggling my way through it before my loan expired and then I could breath a sigh of relief that I at least tried. The best that could happen is that I'd have a total transformation and fall totally in love and rush to read and watch as much of the series as is currently available.

I somewhere fell in the middle. I made it though without too much trouble. Even has a few days left on my loan. I was impressed by the writing and although I'll never be able to keep all those secondary characters straight...I was able to get a fairly good sense of the main players and form an opinion on them. I even discovered I was a bit of a literary crush on The Imp, Tyrion....probably because he's a fellow book geek.

But I still don't know. I liked the book more than I expected and I don't think that I would mind keeping up to date with the series, though the television show, I just do not know if I want to get invested in a long series that isn't even completed.

I guess the next time I'm browsing Overdrive and I see the next book in the series...I'll see if there's a waiting list.

Rec's Needed

I just went though my past books for the last two years and I realized that I have virtually no books by authors of what do you guys recommend?