The Spotty Dog

Hubby and I finally made the trip to Hudson to visit The Spotty Dog. We've been talking about visiting for like a year now and yesterday we decided to go on a little adventure.


It was awesome. Crowded though. Okay if you knew exactly what you want (and it helps if you are sort of a hipster in terms of reading) and don't mind squeezing around people or waiting for people to move. And can get over the fear of knocking over someone's beer while browsing.


I had a lot of fun there even while feeling claustrophobic. Unlike most other bars at least I knew I was surrounded by my kind of people...the people who had no issues with sitting at the bar with a brew and a book. 


I was a fan of the book selection, they did not have every genre but it was definitely wide enough that most anyone coming in could find something they wanted. A fair mix of classics with more popular modern titles. I ended up picking up three books for myself and two for my husband so I spend quite a bit but the beer was craft beer (mostly from NYS) and reasonable priced ($5 for a mug, $6 for a pint) and there was a ton of other drinks on the menu (wine and non alcoholic) and they have apps and desserts. 


It was like two hours from my house so not a place I'll get to go too often but it did make a nice day trip.