A Game of Thrones

A Game of Thrones - George R.R. Martin

There is something about busy weekends that make me feel overly ambiguous. The weekend following Christmas was no exception. Despite the fact I had shopping and baking and a family party to attend...I still thought it was a great time to start a 800 page book. A 800 page book in a series and genre I wasn't even sure I wanted to touch with a ten foot pole.

But for the first time ever there wasn't a waiting list to borrow it from Overdrive so I figured that meant I should give it a try. The worst that could happen was I'd spend two weeks struggling my way through it before my loan expired and then I could breath a sigh of relief that I at least tried. The best that could happen is that I'd have a total transformation and fall totally in love and rush to read and watch as much of the series as is currently available.

I somewhere fell in the middle. I made it though without too much trouble. Even has a few days left on my loan. I was impressed by the writing and although I'll never be able to keep all those secondary characters straight...I was able to get a fairly good sense of the main players and form an opinion on them. I even discovered I was a bit of a literary crush on The Imp, Tyrion....probably because he's a fellow book geek.

But I still don't know. I liked the book more than I expected and I don't think that I would mind keeping up to date with the series, though the television show, I just do not know if I want to get invested in a long series that isn't even completed.

I guess the next time I'm browsing Overdrive and I see the next book in the series...I'll see if there's a waiting list.