I Remember Nothing

I Remember Nothing: And Other Reflections - Nora Ephron
I Remember Nothing was not the first experience I had with Nora Ephron, I had read quite a few of her works that are included in her collection The Most of Nora Eprhon which was published after her death and of course I've seen a number of her most well known movies. But I devoured this collection in one sitting and promptly fell in love.  I was at equal times laughing and heart broken by Mrs. Eprhron's observations of life and her mortality. At one point I had to restrain myself from ripping out an entire essay to send to my friend who had gone through a rough year (actually, I still might). 
Nora Ephron was a damn fine woman and I'm sorry I never appreciated her genius while she was alive.
Now who wants to have a Nora Ephron movie marathon with me this weekend?
(originally posted at The Nearly Reader)