One Summer

One Summer - David Baldacci

It's almost Christmas, but there is no joy in the house of terminally ill Jack and his family. With only a short time left to live, he spends his last days preparing to say goodbye to his devoted wife, Lizzie, and their three children. Then, unthinkably, tragedy strikes again: Lizzie is killed in a car accident. With no one able to care for them, the children are separated from each other and sent to live with family members around the country. Just when all seems lost, Jack begins to recover in a miraculous turn of events. He rises from what should have been his deathbed, determined to bring his fractured family back together. Struggling to rebuild their lives after Lizzie's death, he reunites everyone at Lizzie's childhood home on the oceanfront in South Carolina. And there, over one unforgettable summer, Jack will begin to learn to love again, and he and his children will learn how to become a family once more.


This book has been on my radar for awhile now, so it was disappointing to finally read it and realize it was not good. I hadn't read anything else by the author, so I didn't realize that this author doesn't normally write the types of stories that One Summer tried to be.


For the most part, I found this book to be boring. Even though the book tried to be heartbreaking and stirring, I realized that this novel contained none of the elements to make this novel what it promised to be. Flat characters, cliched plots. Absolutely nothing redeemed this book.


My only consolation was that it was a library book so once I finished it I was able to drop it off and forget about it.