Chapter Two

Harry Potter and the Art of Spying - Lynn M. Boughey, Peter Earnest

Chapter two was very short. I only have three notes from the chapter, but given the brevity of the chapter...


First off, the use of explanation points is still excessive. Not quite as bad as the first chapter I suppose but still excessive and annoying.


I've also noticed a lot of use of parenthesis. I'm finding them unnecessary, and in fact, it seems that the authors are using it solely as a way of trying to put humor into the book. It does not work. if there is a use for the parenthesis, perhaps the use of footnotes could be utilized. Again though, not necessary. 


The aside titled 'Things Come in Threes' very nearly undid me. It drew a comparison to the trio of Witches from Macbeth and the threesomes you find throughout the HP series. Fair enough, but then went off on a tangent about people who dismiss Shakespeare of being the author of his plays, sonnets, etc. Then it goes on to say how Shakespeare is the greatest writer of our time. I hope that this was a misprint as it should say of all time, our time implies that Shakespeare is a contemporary. 


I'm still finding the information to be interesting, but the writing and editing is making it very difficult to take this book seriously.