Izzy Hartley and the Luminal Magnifier

Izzy Hartley and the Luminal Magnifier - Jonathan Reeves

From Plunder Press: Joanna King has a lot to deal with. There's a small invasion force occupying the local tea room, time travel may or may not have changed world history, and the only thing to eat in the kitchen is cold pizza. That's the sort of problems you face when your employer is a fifteen-year-old genius.


I bought this book for my husband. Evidentially he is internet friends with Johnathan Reeves and wanted to support his friend...but didn't want to read the book on his own (lazy bastard). Somehow he conned me into reading it and here is my honest review.


What I liked: I don't read books like this very often so going in, I did not have any expectations of liking this book at all. When I couldn't even find a decent blurb to try to gleam a little knowledge, my expectations sunk even lower. But for all the things he does for me, the very least I could do was give him one lousy book review.


To my utter astonishment and delight, I ended up loving this book. It was hilariously funny and ridiculous. Just sheer madness. And I loved every moment of it. It was long enough to get the series moving, but short enough that I read it in between french fries and beer runs at the annual 4th of July festival weekend here in the Catskills.


What I didn't like: You mean I gotta wait for book two? WTF is this madness!