Decending Son

Descending Son - Scott Shepherd

If Jess Stark really knew what was on the other side of the coffin lid, he might just decide to remain six feet under…

Jess stayed away from Palm Springs for seven years, avoiding his family and the girl who broke his heart. It took a desperate call from his mother to force him home to see his ailing father. As soon as he returned, Jess found himself embroiled in two suspicious deaths, emotional turmoil with his family, and a supernatural secret that involved them all—winding up in an unmarked grave in the middle of the Coachella Desert.

In a tale that spreads from the California Desert to the jungles of Mexico and set in a town that time has practically forgotten, Descending Son is rooted in the sins of Jess’s past and a future that threatens his life. Sure, Jess can go home again, but there’s a heavy price to pay.


I got this book free through the Amazon early reads program, but it took a few months for me to actually get around to reading it. I like horror  books, but I'm very picky about them and so I delayed reading this.


I mostly liked this book, even when I realized that I was reading a book about vampires. I am not a fan of vampires, in fact, the only vampire story I actually enjoyed was Dracula. So with that, I was surprised to find that I really enjoyed the story. 


I did find some holes, or at least some stuff that just didn't agree with me. I always find it a bit ridiculous in  books when people just accept things like vampires and the like, without questioning unless there's a very plausible reason. 


I do think that after reading this, I'll be more open minded in what I read and probably won't actively avoid vampire novels quite as stringently.