Bay's End

Bay's End - Edward Lorn

I won a free Kindle copy of this book. Thanks E!


What does it take to ruin a perfectly good summer? 

Four cherry bombs. 

When twelve-year-old Trey and his best friend Eddy play a prank on Officer Mack, the resulting chain of events rocks the small town of Bay’s End. 

Today, Trey Franklin is a man haunted by his past. Tormented by that one tragic, fateful summer, Trey searches for catharsis the only way he knows how - by writing. 

A tale of love and loss, bittersweet memories, and the depths of human evil. 

Welcome to Bay's End. 


First thoughts: I love a good horror story, I do not read very many however, as I'm constantly comparing each story to Stephen King and most horror stories just cannot stand up to him.


What I liked: This definitely had the elements of a good, unsettling story. In some aspects, it felt almost like a retelling of IT, minus Pennywise the clown. Many times while reading this, I felt as though I couldn't bare to continue reading, but I could not not know how it played out at the end.


What I didn't like: I admit, that this book very nearly turned into a DNF for me, and unfortunately it had nothing to do with the unsettling story line, or being scared. Instead, I was very disappointed by the how a character, with Downs Syndrome, was portrayed, and how he was treated by some of the other characters in the book.Up until that point, I really was enjoying having my pants scared off me but once that character was introduced I just could not continue to enjoy this book fully. What should have been a four star read, ended up a three star read.