Is anyone using Oyster? I've been considering signing up for awhile now, but before I make the plunge...want to get some feedback.


Just from what I've learned so far, the biggest drawback is that I unless I invest in an iPad, I'll be forced to read entirely on my iPhone. I actually do do a lot of my ebook reading on my iPhone, so it's definitely something I am open to.


Another potential drawback is whether I will be able to read enough to justify the monthly charge...$10 a month isn't terrible, but its something to consider...especially as I usually support my reading habit by Kindle freebies and sales. 


The plus side of course is getting to budget for books a little better. On average, I read about 10 books per month, which calculates to about $1 per book. So that's definitely manageable, and no more waiting around for a book I want to read to go on sale...especially as I don't often reread books.

So what are your thoughts?