Attack of the puppies!

Remember when I asked for name suggestions for the new puppy Hubby and I were adopting? Well, after much deliberation...we decided on Lucy. The other names were great, but Lucy just seemed to fit.


We visited her last five weeks old and was presented with an opportunity/plead to also adopt one of her siblings...and with some trepidation and . pulling (yeah right) we decided that it did kind of make sense for Lucy to have a playmate. So...we're also adopting one of her brothers...whom Hubby has named Linus.


So, still going with the literary theme...but in a different direction with a comic instead of a novel or author. Hubby is a huge comic fan so it totally fits. Plus if their personality at 5 weeks old is any indication...the names fit. Lucy. despite her tiny size has the heart of a pitbull. Linus on the other hand is probably the most chill puppy I've ever seen. When the rest of his siblings were tearing each other apart...he was curled up on Hubby, fast asleep, the only thing missing was a blanky.


So we were finally be bringing them home sometime next weekend when they reach 7 weeks. 


In the meantime, we are dog sitting a beagle for a couple of friends. And the dogsitting will overlap with getting the puppies home. 


Yes, we are crazy. And yes, we have the papers to prove it.