Golden State - Michelle Richmond

I won an ARC of Golden State through Good Reads, this is my honest review.


My experience with Michelle Richmond is limited. I read her novel No One You Know a few years ago, thought about reading The Year of the Fog but never got around to it (truthfully, I forgot about it). 


After reading No One You Know, I considered Michelle Richmond a competent writer. I wasn't bowled over by it but I wasn't bored either. It was one of those books that you may recommend to a friend but only if prompted to. And only right after you finished the book. Even a month after finishing the book, chances are good that you've already moved on to something else.


Golden State was entirely different. From the very first chapter you are completely pulled into the story and it isn't until the very last page that Richmond lessens her grip on you and let's you slowly move away if you choose. And you probably won't.


Golden State is amazing book. Everything about is is perfect. The characters. The plot. The setting. Everything is so vibrantly painted out that when you take a break from the story, it takes a few minutes to disengage from the story. 


I read a ton of great books this book, but this is the one book I am excited about for next year.