The Fable of Bing by Tim Sandlin



In a final act of bravery, Bing's parents send their only son to San Diego via UPS before being murdered in Zaire. Raised in captivity by a bonobos mother and a misguided zookeeper, Bing grows up totally oblivious to the world outside the zoo...until being rescued by the girl of his dreams.


The Fable of Bing is a humorous, satirical work...a genre that I don't have much experience with. I did try to read a Christopher Moore book once, but it didn't work out too well. So I probably am not the best person to be writing this review...but as I was a pretty big fan of Tim Sandlin's Skipped Parts, I forged ahead without much thought.


I liked this book, probably more than my initial impression. The prologue wasn't my favorite, it seemed awkward and confusing and honestly....for a little while there I considering declaring this a DNF but I just couldn't do that and as I got into the meat of the book I finally started to get it. 


What I liked about this book was that generally it was a really well written book...for what it was. The plot was actually kind of believable despite being totally ridiculous. The characters were extremely funny and I grew quite attached to Bing. There was a minimal amount of back story on the characters, but enough to kind of figure them out. The pacing was top notch as well. No unnecessary scenes or details.


I did find holes in the story though, especially at the end. I don't want to go into details as to where the problems were as I'm keeping this review spoiler free but it did make what would have been a four star read only a two.


I'm not exactly sure when The Fable of Bing will be released. According to Goodreads, it's penciled in to be released on the 16th of this month...however I was unable to find anything yet on Amazon. When I find out for sure, I will make sure to update this.