This afternoon I decided to take my copy of Scarlet Feathers into the bath with me. When my husband got home from work, I got out of the bath to discuss our evening plans, but did not let the water out of the tub as I meant to get back in for a bit.


Instead I got distracted and did not return to the tub, and did not remember that I had not let out the water until my husband went in there and said uh oh and came out with Scarlet Feathers, completely saturated.


Seems as though the book took a nose dive into the still full tub...most likely with the help of one of our mischevious cats. Of course, neither one of them is claiming responsibility. So now I'm just hoping that the book dries out enough to still be readible in the future when it dries out a bit...and I am moving on the next book on my bookshelf.