I'm back from my Thanksgiving weekend with my family. I went with two books (The Weight of a Feather and Where'd You Go Bernadette) and only read a few pages of the first and never even opened the second. I fared a little better with the Jim Henson Bio, which I read on my Kindle app through the weekend but I'm still not finished with it.


Over the weekend I visited my hometown's annual book fair. I was conservative this year and only picked up a handful of books. The Chosen, The Heart is a Lonely Hunter, The Lost Continent, All Quiet on the Western Front and somehow I picked up two copies of The Kitchen God's Wife. To be fair though, I was a little rushed as the library was closing soon and my brother and sister in law needed to get back as my SIL's Mom was waiting for us. If I wasn't pressed for time like that I would have gladly dropped more money and spent a little more time browsing. Ah well. My dad thinks they are holding it until the end of December and as I'll be going down for Christmas I should be able to head over there again.


This morning I woke up to an email from Goodreads informing me that I won a book giveaway for Golden State and through Kindle First Reads (or whatever it's called) I picked up Soy Sauce for Beginners which I know nothing about. Ah well.