L.A. Ice - Kathleen Ready Dayan

From Goodreads: You can't change an addict...or can you? When privileged 20 year old Stevie Gates flees her coastal Massachusetts home for Atlanta, Georgia with a bottle of vodka in hand, she doesn't know she will soon awaken in a hospital emergency room with an intravenous needle dripping Phenobarbital to prevent an alcoholic seizure. She doesn't know that she's about to get sober, or even that she wants to be. L.A. ICE (a slang term for methamphetamine) follows Stevie's emotional journey through a sixty day rehab stint and into a deeply intimate relationship with another patient who gives her the courage and insight to confront her past and the alcoholism that is slowly killing her. Meet Michael James, a brilliant and charming musician whose meth addiction might just prove to be as unbreakable as his love for her.


Another Kindle freebie. I actually did like this one more than I initially though. I was worried that it was going to be either a gore fest (as some addiction novels are) or overly preachy. And while the end was a little too much to handle with the preachyness (well, stuffing statistics and AA platitudes down your throat) it was a mostly decent book.


I liked the characters. I think in some cases they were a little cliched but for the most part I did find that it was over the top. The plot at least seemed plausible, or at least as plausible as someone who's seen a few episodes of Intervention can put together.