A Love Letter to His Dad

NOS4A2 - Joe Hill

I have been following Joe Hill's writing career ever since I read his debut novel, Heart Shaped Box. As he released each of his subsequent books, I enjoyed each offering and applauded his unique way of twisting the most unnatural seeming storylines and somehow making it seem creepy and entirely plausible, and even more important, his books were only improving.


NOS4A2 is definitely his best book to date. With absolutely no disrespect, it reads like a love letter to his father. At every twist and turn, you can see the influence that Joe Hill gleamed from his father's novels...and somehow turned out a story that surpassed almost every Stephen King book to date. 


The one regret that I have about this book is that I was unable to read it in one shot. Instead my reading was broken up, and so each time I returned to the book I had to get a momentum started up again, this was definitely a book that you would want to try to read without much interruption.