When She Was Gone - Gwendolen Gross

I did not have a chance to write a review of this book when I finished with it, and now I am kind of upset by that as I'm just not sure how to review this book fairly. The opinions I formed as I was reading has long since disappeared, diluted by the other books I've read since I finished this one.

I do remember thinking that this book was just an okay book. I did like the style, of switching point of views as it's nice to get a different perspective of events but at the same time, I felt a disconnect with the narrators as, each time I started to understand them the point of view switched to someone else and yes,[ it would ruin the mystery but I think it would have improved the story somewhat if Lindsy was one of the narrators...even it was the last chapter. I felt that the story was left unfinished as we finally found the motivation behind the disappearence, and some of the details we really don't know what happened.