Someday, Someday, Maybe - Lauren Graham

I need to preface this review by saying that Lauren Graham is my absolute favorite actress. Although I haven’t seen too many movies that she’s starred in, I am a huge fan of both Gilmore Girls andParenthood, I was just a tiny bit excited when I first heard whispers that she had written a novel. I very nearly preordered a copy but thankfully I managed to get my hands on a prerelease copy via Good Reads.

I am pleased to say that Someday, Someday, Maybe lived up to my expectations. It was a fun, funny and engaging novel and it firmly resolved me into never ever pursuing a career in acting. Thanks to the mostly non glamorous look at acting Ms. Graham supplies here, I’m fairly certain that I’d never be able to cut it. Not even for a day.

I thought the characters were excellent, though, I especially loved Franny’s Dad, whom we only “meet” briefly but get to know through his non intentional hilarious phone messages he leaves for Franny. I could not resist reading a few out loud to my husband. You know, just to make sure I wasn’t making up the humor in those messages. 

Initially I was a bit puzzled by Ms. Graham choosing to set the novel in the mid 90′s, especially as there wasn’t too many cultural or historical context for it…aside from the fact that setting it in 2013 would ruin at least some of the daily suspense Franny goes through with wondering if today was going to be her day. So in hindsight it made perfect sense…just wish I had thought of it when I was reading the novel.

So that concludes my review for my most anticipated novels of 2013…if you’ll excuse me, my Gilmore Girls dvd’s are calling out to me.