Capote In Kansas

Capote In Kansas - Ande Parks, Chris Samnee

From Goodreads: Murder. Not an intricately plotted "whodunit" or fiery passionate fury. But dirty, sad, disturbing actions from real people. That's what Truman Capote decided to use for In Cold Blood - his bold experiment in the realm of the non-fiction "novel." Following in that legacy is Capote in Kansas, a fictionalized tale of Capote's time in Middle America researching his classic book. Capote's struggles with the town, the betrayal, and his own troubled past make this book a compelling portrait of one of the greatest literary talents of the 20th century.

I discovered Truman Capote in my 20's after reading In Cold Blood. It was one of those books that I devoured in one serving and since then I've had a fascination with the novel and Truman Capote. When I found this book at a comic book store in Columbus, Ohio (The Green Ogre?) I has to buy it despite not having much interest in graphic novels.

I was not bowled over by this book. I read it very quickly and was struck by how the book just skimmed the surface of Capote writing In Cold Blood. There was a few elements that I did enjoy but as a whole I felt let down. It was an ambitious undertaking but only a half hearted attempt at telling the story.