An Unpredictable Life by Elaine White

I was diagnosed with Cancer a week before my 16th Birthday. I had Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma and had to undergo Chemotherapy and a Stem Cell transplant, back in 2003. My whole life changed. I wrote this book when I was 17, when all my treatment was over, to catalogue everything I had learned and experienced. I had no information about Cancer during my treatment; it was all aimed at adults and I was a teenager who didn't understand most of what happened. So I wrote this book. I was a teenager when I wrote, when I had Cancer and I wanted this to be an information, honest account of what it was really like to have Cancer and go through the treatment....from a teenager's perspective. It's sometimes funny, sometimes sad, always honest. There may be parts that you squint at, because you're embarrassed to read them...well, I was embarrassed writing them. But that's the whole point of honesty. To get it out in the open. To be real. And that's what this is.


This was my first pick from Wattpad, and it was what I expected. It was a novice work and it showed. There were many errors, which was very annoying. I was debating whether or not to comment on the story to make some suggestions, but in the end I decided to just let it go. I may message the author later to ask if she would like some editing tips.


Despite the errors, I liked the story. I never had cancer and have been fortunate not to have any close family or friends diagnosed but I found it informative yet humorous so that while Elaine White's experience was terrifying she was able to look back in a positive way and for that, I think I would wholeheartedly recommend it to someone who has just been diagnosed.