OCD Love Story

OCD Love Story - Corey Ann Haydu

From Goodreads: When Bea meets Beck, she knows instantly that he’s her kind of crazy. Sweet, strong, kinda-messed-up Beck understands her like no one else can. He makes her feel almost normal. He makes her feel like she could fall in love again.

But despite her feelings for Beck, Bea can’t stop thinking about someone else: a guy who is gorgeous and magnetic... and has no idea Bea even exists. But Bea knows a lot about him. She spends a lot of time watching him. She has a journal full of notes. Some might even say she’s obsessed.

Bea tells herself she’s got it all under control. But this isn’t a choice, it’s a compulsion. The truth is, she’s breaking down...and she might end up breaking her own heart.


I admit. I almost gave up on this in the very first chapter. It didn't grab me and with a huge backlist of books on my Kindle...it would not have been a disaster to put it on the back burner, or give up all together.


But I decided to read the second chapter, and then I found myself hooked. And probably even more hooked. I'm not sure if it would be in bad taste, but this book was compulsively readable.


What I liked: I liked how real this book felt to me. When I realized it was about a pair of teenagers with OCD, I kind of thought that this book would gloss over the mental illness, or make it seem glamorous. Anything to make it not seem as serious as the topic would be. I was pleasantly surprised to find that this book did nothing to gloss over the illness. In fact, I felt extremely uncomfortable reading this book in many places. I just wanted to yell at Bea, to try to get her to see reason.


What I didn't like: I think the first chapter was definitely lacking. I almost stopped reading because I just could not get involved with it. I didn't feel like there was any connection to the first chapter to the rest of the book. Yes, it introduced Bea and Beck but not in a way that wa the ONLY way for the two characters to get started.


There were also a few subtopics in the story that didn't quite get the resolution or explanations that I craved. 


Overall, I really loved this book. I loved Bea, even when she drove me crazy and I wanted to take her by the shoulders and shake her as hard as I could.