How to Succeed in Business without Really Crying

How to Succeed in Business Without Really Crying -

From Goodreads: For many years, television comedy was an exclusive all boys’ club—until a brilliant comedian named Carol Leifer came along, blazing a trail for funny women everywhere. From Late Night with David Letterman andSaturdayNight Live to Seinfeld, The Ellen Show, and ModernFamily, Carol has written for and/or performed on some of the best TV comedies of all time.

This hilarious collection of essays charts her extraordinary three-decade journey through show business, illuminating her many triumphs and some missteps along the way—and offering valuable lessons for women and men in any profession. Part memoir, part guide to life, and all incredibly funny, How to Succeed in Businesswithout Really Cryingoffers tips and tricks for getting ahead, finding your way, and opening locked doors—even if you have to use a sledgehammer


Part memoir, part humor and part how to manual; How to Succeed in Business Without Really Crying surpassed my expectations. Not having heard of Carol Leifer before (even though I really enjoy Seinfeld), I figured that this would be one of those books I'd glance through but ultimately put down in favor of a novel.


Instead I read this straight through with no problem. It was funny and touching but most of all, I found that this book was a cleaverly disguised how to that I actually found I took to heart rather than mocked in scorn. 


Even though I have no intention of going into showbiz, the lessons supplied in this thin book can be applied to any number of life events. Lessons I have already subconsciously added to be own life and many others that I want to work towards. 


Even if you are like me, and hate the idea of reading self help yourself a favor and read this one.