The Man Who Built Boxes

The Man Who Built Boxes and other stories - Frank Tavares

From Goodreads: In these twelve stories, you’ll meet a remarkable cast of complex, quirky characters tangled up in the limits they’ve put on their lives. Driven by love or loneliness, like the man in the title, they’ve boxed themselves in. Frank Tavares tells their stories with humor and compassion. 

And while the themes may be familiar—crumbling marriages, feuding neighbors, sparring business partners, and the endless searching for what might have been—here they become fresh, unpredictable, and surprising. This exciting debut collection from a first-rate storyteller will haunt and fascinate you long after you finish reading. You may never look at a chance pick-up in a bar the same way again.


I mostly enjoyed these short stories, though I found the whole collection to be somewhat unremarkable. It's been less than a week (I think) since I finished this collection, not a long amount of time at all, but out of the twelve stories there is only two stories I can recall with any kind of confidence. Not bad for a freebie, but I would not recommend it  for anyone serious about short stories.