Colin Preston Rock and Rolled

Colin Preston Rocked And Rolled - Bert Murray

BESTFRIENDS. FIRST LOVE. SECRETS. Beatles-music-obsessed prep school graduate, Colin Preston, is a good guy and a college sophomore at Elerby University. His life changes when he meets wild child Jasmine from Laguna Beach. Green eyes, high cheekbones, long blond hair. Colin thinks she's beautiful. Once they begin dating Colin falls madly in love and believes he has met "the one". However, soon something inexcusable happens that turns Colin's whole world upside down. Inspired by new friends and Beatles songs he begins to search for answers and start over. Nothing will ever be the same.


I think I have an unspoken rule that if a character in a book I am reading is a Beatles fan, I'm going to like that character...and probably the whole book. This was definitely the case for Colin Preston. Despite the fact that there was a lot of things I didn't like about Colin, I couldn't help but get swept up in his story. I think everyone has a story of the one that got away, the one guy or girl that you dated (or even married) who eventually broke up with you and temporarily destroyed you. I know I have my own story. 


This was a very short novel, which was kind of a downfall. I was really enjoying this novel and although it didn't feel rushed, I still felt let down when I finished it 24 hours after starting it. I wanted it to linger on a bit more, not because I was enjoying watching the soul of Colin being slowly crushed by Jasmine, but because I enjoyed my time with Colin despite all of that.