Kindles and Goodreads

On Monday I discovered an alarming problem with my was no longer syncing. I had purchased a few new titles, and went to download them before starting my work week (no wifi access at work) and could not find them, nor did any amount of manually syncing or downloading straight onto the Kindle. I haven't yet went through the process of trying to troubleshoot it but I'm kind of thinking I'm not going to bother. I have never been a huge fan of the Kindle Fire as honestly, I only use it as a reading device...not a tablet and it's kind of a waste. This is the second major issue I've had with it since I got it a year ago, and the battery life if atrocious. I just want a simple Kindle. 


I guess that's what happens when I make a rash decision to buy a refurbished one on Woot! without thinking. 


Last night I caved and made a new Good Reads account. Good Reads is kind of of like the Facebook of the book world. Yes, you can function online without it...but it does make for complications. Mainly...whenever I wanted to sign up for a book giveaway I either had the option of spending an hour dealing with Rafflecoptor (gag me) or was barred because, oops, I didn't have a goodreads account. So yeah. Went back on there and will be cross posting my reviews there as well as here. At least it frees this place up for any non review book blogging I might want to do.