Tales from the Crib by Jennifer Coburn

Tales From The Crib - Jennifer Coburn

This was a Kindle freebie.


Why is Lucy Klein cuddling her adorable son while her sort-of husband cuddles his adorable...girlfriend? Well, it may take two to make a baby, but it only takes one to ask for a divorce--"and her husband Jack was the one who asked--"ten minutes before she announced her pregnancy. So why did she agree to his proposal that they raise the baby together and stay married in name only, free to see other people while still providing a stable home for their child? She could blame any number of things, including hormones, panic, and the prospect of moving back in with her complete diva of a mother. In any case, despite the totally bizarre arrangement, it may not be the weirdest thing that happens in her life this year. Between trying to maintain her city-girl attitude while languishing in New Jersey, surviving children's parties featuring Barney and bloodshed, and trying to get at least one date (just to prove that she can), Lucy's hands are pretty full. But if there's one thing she's determined to learn from all of this, it's how to be a great mom without losing herself in the process...


First Thoughts: I love Jennifer Coburn, as I mentioned before. I was introduced to her this time last year through Reinventing Mona and thus far I have not met a book by her that I did not enjoy.


What I liked: I feel like I'm repeating myself (and well, I am) but I love Coburn's books. Whenever I read anything by her I go in knowing that I'll meet an interesting cast of characters, and I will laugh. A lot. In just a year Jennifer Coburn has become my go to author for when I want something fun to read. While Tales from the Crib was not my favorite, and there wasn't quite so many laughs it was still enjoyable. And well, it was much better than it's sequel, The Queen Gene.


What I didn't like: I should have read this one before The Queen Gene as The Queen Gene summarized this book a little too well so instead of being a brand new read, I felt as though I was rereading the book instead.It was fun, but not as fun as some of the other books and I didn't feel all that excited as I was reading it. 


I'm  half way through the Jennifer Coburn's back log of novels, more if you count the holiday collaborations (which I probably won't bother with). I still have a crap ton of books on my shelf and Kindle though so I probably won't be reading the rest anytime soon. Based on the titles though, I definitely will be reading them!