The Noodle Chronicles by Amanda Winn Lee

The Noodle Chronicles: Everything I Know About Cheating Death I Learned From My Kid - Amanda Winn Lee

I honestly cannot remember where I heard about this book. I just know that someone recommending this book, and it was a good price for my Kindle so I bought it and more or less forgot about it.


Welcome to the twisted little mind of Amanda Winn Lee. Come take a stroll through her consciousness as she navigates the arduous- and sometimes surprisingly hilarious- journey of her family’s battles with cancer. Acquaint yourself with her goofy preexisting mental condition leading up to her stint as the terrified mother of a seriously ill infant. Once the madness begins, her acerbic wit and bizarre brand of humor carry her through some of every parent’s worst nightmares. See how she handles the insanity that science -- or nature, or whatever -- throws her way. Whether she’s starting a betting pool with the nurses on when her son will lose his hair, or silently willing him to just keep breathing, Winn Lee shows us the journey through her eyes in a way that is both riveting and ridiculous. Her account is a raw and unflinchingly honest look at life in the hospital for the parent of a sick child. 

(Don’t worry- the kid lives.)


First Impression: This book was bought on a recommendation from somewhere. It might have been on here, but most likely it came from a blog not from Booklikes. I do wish I had noted it down at the time. 


What I liked: Honestly, almost everything. It was a damn hard book to read though. Even knowing that Noodle survives his ordeal didn't make this book any easier to handle emotionally. I'm not a mother, but the entire time I read this book I felt as though I had this huge bowling ball in my stomach. I felt physically ill. I didn't cry. but let me tell you...I wish I had, if only to get some kind of relief from the physical discomfort. 


I know that that makes it sound as though I did not like this book, but that's further from the truth. It's not too often that a writer can put her audience right there in the midst of what was going on. Amanda Winn Lee writes as though everything is happening in real time and I although I was so physically miserable I just had to read this book in one sitting.


What I didn't: I didn't mind this so much, but there is a lot of cursing. It didn't offend me (you should hear Hubby and I) but I know some people would have issues. There was also some formatting issues that kind of annoyed me. The book started out not having a space in between paragraphs, and then having the line break. So it initially threw me off. 


I'm glad I don't have kids yet after reading this as I'm fairly certain that I would have had nightmares all night if I did.