Maybe There Is Hope

Today I received an email from an author of a recent book I read and reviewed. At first I was scared to read it as I did not give the book a very favorable rating, (two and a half stars), but I was honest in my review on why I didn't care much for the book.


The author was appreciative of the fact that I had 1. posted the review and was honest. 2.  I picked up on a very embarrassing error she had made and mentioned that her so called editor had missed over 100 spelling errors and such (yikes!) and asked about what other ones I had caught. She also asked me to explain more thoroughly my opinion on references she had used that bothered me.


Based on some of the horror stories I've seen on here, I was extremely nervous when I started reading the email, but after I feel really hopeful that there genuine writers out there that do read their reviews for the purpose of trying to hone in on their craft. 


If definitely made me, as a reviewer, feel good about what I do.