Midlife by Harry Pants

Midlife (A Crazy Stupid Love Story) - Harry Pants

I won an electronic copy of this books in a Booklikes giveaway. 

Masey Head is unhappy. 
Her perfect home plus perfect car plus perfect husband are all adding up to boring. Her perfect son's flown the coop to New York, and her perfect new breasts and designer dresses aren't helping. 
It's time to spice things up. 
But when perfect husband Wally refuses to participate in the games for four she's planned in their bedroom full of new toys, she runs away with her new friends to exotic Bali. 

Wally's never stopped loving Masey, never been with another woman, and feels completely lost without her. Desperate times call for desperate measures, and now Wally must step out of his comfort zone with some hilarious new friends, from whom he'll learn "the ropes" in an effort to win Masey back … Well, the ropes, the masks, and a strangely shaped toy with a weird spinning finger… 

A naughty story with a loveable quirky cast you'll laugh and cry with all the way to a delicious Happy Ever After ending. 


I'm not exactly sure why I entered this giveaway in the first place. Just from the summary, it did not sound like the type of book that I would enjoy...but I entered, and won and then felt kind of obligated to read once it arrived in my email.


Honestly though, it wasn't a totally terrible read. Despite the fact that I'm sort of a prude (there, I said it!) I actually found myself laughing. A lot. It was a really funny book...even if a lot of the funny came out of really weird, embarrassing and awkward situations.  It was described as along the same idea of the 40 Year Virgin, and well, from my memory of the movie (it's been years) it's kind of accurate.


Unfortunately however, I was not really all that impressed with the rest of the books. While Wally is a good character, and well written...I can't say there was any other characters that I liked in this book. I don't think they were very well written and seemed fairly flat...or just over the top annoying. 


I was also not a fan of the actual writing style. It was very repetitive and annoyed me. 


I'm glad that this book was funny as it would have been a real downer trying to read.