Blogger Girl by Meredith Schorr

Blogger Girl - Meredith Schorr

Although her day job as a legal secretary is pretty dull, Kim Long has a pretty good life. Authoring a popular chick lit blog, Pastel is the New Black, and crushing after the sexiest associate in the law firm keeps her pretty busy. Yes, life was decent.


Then Kim's life long nemesis threatens to take the chick lit world by storm, and Kim's life doesn't seem so pastel any more.


For the most part, Blogger Girl was a fun and easy story to breeze through. It didn't take a lot of concentration, so an ideal book to read during downtime at work. As a book blogger I was actually really excited to read a story about a fellow book blogger, even if my book blogging is nowhere near as successful as Kim's. And well, I liked the fact that Kim was vertically challenged like me. It's not something I run across very often.


I was hoping for more though. For all the book promised, I found it to be pretty lean. I thought that the conflict between Kim and Hannah seemed kind of lame. I really wanted to get behind Kim's feelings regarding Hannah, but as the book played out it seemed a silly and just a little over the top. And initially really immature. Kind of glad that Kim matured a teeny bit over the course of the book but 28 seems a little too old to be holding on to grudges like that.  


I also felt the romance with Nicholas was a little cliched. But considering that the whole point of Blogger Girl was that Kim's life was suppose to be like one of her beloved chick lit was passable. 


Overall though, it was a cute/fun read. Initially gave it a three and a half stars, but after analyzing it a bit more that half star was a little too generous. So three stars.