126 Books for 2013

I mentioned this before, but back in January I set a 105 book reading goal for myself. I figured that it was a reasonable goal, as in 2012 I managed 104 books (without a set goal) all while moving to a different state, getting married and working at a job from hell.


Over this past weekend, I found myself with lots of downtime to read (two long car rides, plus a relaxing weekend with the 'rents) so I managed to finish off the book I was currently reading and read three more books in completion. Granted, one was very short, but still. That was a lot of reading and I managed to far surpass reading goal to 126 books read.


I am still debating whether I should set up a reading goal for 2014. On one hand, it was fun challenging myself to read as much as I could...but on the other hand, it didn't give me much time to really take my time and lose myself in any one book. So maybe this year I'll go back to reading for the fun of it...no goal number to reach, just a goal to find books I really really love and read the hell out of them.