11th Hour - James Patterson, Maxine Paetro

As a general rule, I stay away from James Patterson. Oh, I liked him awhile back when his books were still new to me, but then I read one unfortunate Alex Cross book where every other sentence ended in an explanation point and I was DONE.


But my Dad loves James Patterson. And honestly, I understand why. Patterson books are prefect for people who generally are not readers, like my Dad. They are fast moving, the chapters are super short and are pretty much written for people like my Dad.


To make a long story short, on one of my recent trips home to visit my parents, my Dad gave me a few James Patterson books to take home with me...and as I have a very hard time saying no to books (especially free ones) ended up with two James Patterson books on my bookshelf. Fortunately neither one being one of the Alex Cross series.


11th Hour is part of the Women's Murder Club series, a series that James Patterson "cowrites" with Maxine Paetro which might be why I found this book bearable. I had read the first book in that series back when I did read James Patterson, but as there was nine books in between, I could have found myself lost. However, like a good, long running series Patterson/Paetro did a good job in bringing the reader up to date with what happened previously in the series without a huge information dump.


There were two crime mysteries involved with this book, which kept things interesting. They were different enough that there was no problem keeping them straight, although I was disappointed that for being a Woman's Murder Club book...there was actually very little to do with the other three characters that make up the club. In fact, one of the members is only mentioned twice in the whole book. It didn't give this book much of an identity as being a Woman's Murder Club book and it easily could have been a standalone novel. So that was disappointing.


So overall, a solid three star read. It was enjoyable, but not something I would reread...however, I probably would be willing to read other books in the series.