The Theory of Opposites - Allison Winn Scotch

It's rare for me to find a book that I can just sit and read in a single sitting without the need to distract myself. Even books that I am really enjoying, can be put down for a minute so that I can check what's going on on Twitter, or reading a blog, or even switching up books for something else. I admit it, I have a serious case of book ADD.


But The Theory of Opposites was THAT book. Granted, I was already about 30% or so into the book when I decided to have a quiet evening reading in bed but even if I hadn't...I would have devoured this in the one sitting...with no breaks at all. 


I had read a few Alison Winn Scotch books in the past and I had enjoyed them. But this one. Oh my god. This one seriously made me fall head over hills in love with Scotch. It was the perfect mix of humor and tear jerking moments (yes, I did totally cry at one point) and I just loved Willa. And well, all the characters in this book. Even if some of them didn't exactly deserve love.


I'm not sure about the end (which was why it's a four star and not a five). I just didn't see it coming I guess, and I wasn't sure if I liked being broadsided like I did. I liked it. I liked not being able to predict it...but it threw me. Seriously threw me.