Jim Henson: The Biography - Brian Jay Jones

Like many other people my age, I grew up with The Muppets. I spent a good part of my young childhood watching Sesame Street and so many other Muppet related shows and movies. I have so many fond memories of all those terrific shows and movies that came from the genius of Jim Henson. But like all but the most cynical kids...and many adults...never once did I really consider that those lovable Monsters were mere cloth puppets at the helm of some of the most creative geniuses in the entertainment history.


At 31 years old, I still love The Muppets, as does my husband. Despite the fact that we are childless, we had no problems being the only childless adults in the movie theater for the last Muppet movie and we are both counting down the days until the next Muppet movie is released. At a craft fair I bought my husband a Kermit the Frog pillow and last night I bought myself a copy of The Muppet Christmas Carol. 


So yeah, can you tell that we are huge fans over here?


So back in October when we found out that there was a Jim Henson biography...I knew I had to get a hold of it. As much as I loved The Muppets...I honestly did not know much of their backstory...or rather, the back story about Jim Henson. 


Initially I thought the book was kind of a snore fest. It starts out with Jim Henson's family history (back to like his grandparents!) and well, it was not all that interesting. I probably could have done without any of that back history. It got a little more interesting once Jim Henson starts with his television career and just keeps escalating from there. By the time the Muppets in their current form (or at least the form from the 80's) I was completely enthralled and for days, it was all I could talk or think about.  Jim Henson was just that fascinating of a character.


I stayed up late on Tuesday night finishing up. I was at work, and knew that I had to be up before six a.m. but that did not stop me from staying up until almost 11:30 reading. I seriously almost lost it. Reading about Jim Henson's death and memorial service was heart breaking. I had invested so much time into reading the biography, and has so many memories of The Muppets that I honestly felt as though I was losing a friend. Just writing this right now is bringing tears to my eyes...


It's rare to find a "celebrity" nowadays that honestly deserves the kind of love and respect that we endow on them...but Jim Henson is definitely one of those celebrities that deserve it. Truly inspiring man.