Reading Slump?

I feel like I'm going through a reading slump. I'm really enjoying the Jim Henson book...but it's long and I just have not had the time to read more than a section or two at a time. 


I am also enjoying the Nora Ephron book but it's extremely dense. And as it's a hard cover it's not something I can carry it around. So I read a little bit on my days off and hope that eventually by the new year I'm finished with it.


The Weight of a Feather should have been a quick read at less than 200 pages, especially as most of the stories in there are considered flash fiction pieces. But although a few stories have been good...a lot of the others are feeling more like a chore to read. Just cannot get into it. 


I have no many other books waiting for me. So many excuses to cut my losses and move on to something else, something that may be a little more portable. Or just plain more enjoyable. 


But I'm also seized by a sense of stubbornness that is not letting me move on to something new.