Things We Set on Fire - Deborah  Reed

So this was the first offering of Amazon's new prime feature that started this month, and well, it was an okay read. It didn't overly impress me, nor did I actively dislike it. It was a solid story, the pacing was good and it was engaging enough for me to read to the end without much of a struggle...yet not engaging enough to keep me reading or wanting more of the the story. 


What I found lacking however was the characters. Oh sure, aside from the two little girls (who weren't that interesting) the characters were complicated and moved the story forward...but I did not feel connected to any character. There was nothing that really made me love them, or want good things to come to them...nor did I actively dislike any. They each had their purpose in the story. 


So because of the disconnection with the characters, I can't say I particularly enjoyed this book. Nor can I recommend this book to anyone. Oh I guess it's a fine book if you aren't interested in engaging with the characters...if you are reading just for the safe of a decently told story...then yeah, perhaps this is a book for you. But if you are like me, who firmly believe that the characters can make or break a story...then this novel is probably better off as a miss.