Fangirl - Rainbow Rowell

I have a confession to make; I am a recovering fan girl. 


For me however, my love came in the form of a band, not from a series of books. And I did not spend my days writing slash fan fiction about the band members (as least on paper) but I totally got Cath and her love for Simon Snow. And I got how her devotion to Simon Snow sometimes left her alienated. 


There are some books that I like because they are well written. Executed to perfection. Have  so many twists and turns that I never quite know which way is up. And then there are books that while they may or may not contain these elements...but I like it all the same because dammit, this is a book about myself.


Fan Girl was one of these books. Oh sure, I thought it was a terrifically well versed book and everything about this book just worked right. But it was Cath and her undying devotion to Simon Snow that cinched this book as a winner. Our situations could have been different. I never left for college (commuted, so I missed out on dorm living), my Mom is the total opposite of Cath's and unfortunately I never had a Levi in my life at that period of my life but it didn't matter. 


I finished Fan Girl on Thursday night. Hubby and I were driving home from an American Legion meeting and I insisted that I had to stay in the car until I finished it completely. My husband made fun of me, but I did not want to stop reading even long enough to walk up the flight of stairs to our apartment. Now though I'm kind of wishing that I had stretched the book out even longer as nothing I've read this weekend has caught my attention as Fan Girl did.