This is going to be a DNF

Beatrice and Virgil: A Novel - Yann Martel

I loved Life of Pi. Adored it. Refused seeing the movie as I did not want to spoil the absolute perfection of the novel. 


Beatrice and Just no. To be fair, I'm not very far in it. But I'm already finding it brain numbing. Even though I make it a general rule not to read too many reviews on books as I'm reading them...I just had to go to Good Reads to see what the general consensus was. And well, after seeing 14 one to two star reviews just on the first page...I really have to wonder. Especially as the reviews on Good Reads are almost majorly biased to every single book being THE BEST BOOK EVA! So I'm thinking I'll quit Beatrice and Virgil now before I end up second guessing Life of Pi.