Forgotten: A Novel - Catherine McKenzie

This was the first time reading any of Catherine McKenzie's novels, so I had no expectations when I started...which honestly, is probably the best way to walk into a book as either way the book goes, you aren't going to get too disappointed.


Forgotten, for the most part was a good read. I thought that the concept behind the book was fairly intriguing though I have to admit that the story I plotted out from the synopsis was quite a bit removed from how it actually played out in the novel. Not such a bad thing, as the novel worked but initially I sort of felt Emma's transition between being "dead" and coming back wasn't quite the transition I had in mind. After I finished though, and gave myself a bit of a reflection period I realized that the novel was much more realistic. Six months isn't that terribly long. Perhaps I was thinking more of Castaway situation. 


There was a bit of a fun mystery wrapped up in this novel, which could have been too much of a distraction from the rest of the plot but McKenzie drew it into the story quite nicely so it fit. It was enjoyable and just enough of a distraction from main plot that the novel didn't get too stale. 


The characters were well developed though a few I would have liked to see fleshed out just a bit. There were also a few situations that seemed as though were going to develop but then they were dropped. It wasn't bad, and they didn't give the novel the feeling of being disjointed or unfinished but I think it would have been interesting to have them included.


I will definitely consider reading more books by Catherine McKenzie.