Not Her Best

The Queen Gene - Jennifer Coburn

I discovered Jennifer Coburn early this year thanks to a Kindle freebie. From the first chapter of Reinventing Mona I was hooked and have made it a point that whenever I come across one her titles...I would read it, no matter what the subject matter.


The Queen Gene was a worthy effort, it has been awhile since I read a book that produced so many LOL moments...but laughter aside, there was no denying that there was something seriously lacking in this title.


The question is...what was it. Was it the plot or was it the characters that made this book lack in substance? I'm thinking both. The plot seemed a little too meandering. Which would be okay, if there was a stronger focus on the characters...but they seemed a little too light. Aside from Anjoli and her dog...the characters seemed kind of bare.  Funny and real, but definitely lacking in something so it made the meandering plot so much more noticeable. 


I'm not going to subtract any stars from this effort as it was an enjoyable and extremely funny read...and well, sometimes you just need something like this to brighten your day...but if you do choose to read it, keep my review in mind to hopefully stave off any disappointment.