Changing Lanes: A Novel - Kathleen Long

Changing Lanes is the kind of book I like having with me at work. It's not overly taxing, quickly read and engaging enough to be readable but not something that I'm tempted to read when I'm suppose to be working.


Changing Lanes was a mostly decent read. I did have issues with it, but I have to admit that it did have it's charms...mostly in terms of the setting. Although I am originally from New Jersey I have no idea whether there is a Paris there. Nonetheless, over the past year or so I've traveled through several small towns on the New Jersey/Pennsylvania boarder that fit the Paris, New Jersey description...towns that I had no idea actually existed in New Jersey. The storyline was decent enough as well. Not exciting or even all that unique but certainly engaging enough.


I was not a big fan of the characters though. Something just felt contrived when it came to them. They did not seem to be very well rounded out characters, in fact, the minor characters seemed like mere caricatures and the major characters just seemed unbelievable. They all seemed to change in way too short of a time frame. I don't know, after the setting and plot being executed so decently, it was such a let down to have such boring characters. 


In general though, I think the plot drives the book well enough that makes the characters almost forgivable. Almost. It's a good read when you just need something light to read or a companion for a heavier tome.