Dangled Carat: one girl's attempt to convert the ultimate commitment-phobic man into a doting husband with a lot of help from his family and friends - Hilary Grossman

I've been reading Hillary Grossman's blog for several years now, so it was an easy decision to download her romantic memoir for my Kindle and, as luck would have it, the timing of reading Dangled Carat just so happened to coincide with the week leading up to my one year anniversay of being married to my husband. Perfect timing, if I do say so myself. An upcoming romantic anniversary is always a great time to get lost in romance. 


As I had been reading Hillary's blog for so long, there was quite a bit in the book that I already knew but I never got bored. It was fun hearing all those random anecdotes in one cohesive story. Besides, Hillary is a great storyteller and has an amazing knack for recreating conversations that took place 10+ years ago. They seemed to natural and authentic I vaguely suspect Hillary has been keeping conspicuous notes for years now! Honestly though, I will readily admit to feeling jealous of her ability to recreate those conversations so naturally as I can barely remember a conversation I had only an hour ago. I was also amazed at the emotions that Hillary was able to convey as well. More than once I chuckled out loud or very nearly burst out in tears...(I'm still getting teary over Hillary writing about having to put her Bichon Frishe down).


I will admit that there were quite a few errors throughout the book...mostly of the misspelled words variety. I did get a little distracted by that. I was also having some problems with keeping up with all the people that show up in the book. I kind of felt like I needed to take notes just to keep straight who was who. Not a huge deal as it didn't take anything away from the story...just something that I noticed.