A Death on the Wolf - G.M. Frazier

For being a Kindle freebie, A Death on the Wolf was a really good book. It comes to no surprise that it has won an award as G.M. Frazier is definitely a talented writer that kept the pages turning effortlessly.


I loved the setting, I've always been interested in that particular time period and small towns so already I was already invested in the story for that fact alone. Although I did not grow up during that time period, or in a small southern town, Frazier did a great job at making sure the setting came to life. I loved how Frazier interwove historical moments such as the lunar landing and hurricane Camille into the story...while they played quite a significant role in the storyline, Frazier managed to pull it off in a way that did not feel as though he used the events merely as a crutch to signify when the story was taking place.


I also like the way Frazier handled both the topics of prejudice and homophobia.


After this though, this is kind of where I found the downfall of this book. I wasn't really sure about the characters. There was nothing wrong with them, they are kind of complex...except Nelson's father. Initially I did like him. I'm kind of a sucker for good parenting...especially good fathers but I have to wonder if perhaps the man was a little too good. He did appear to have any flaws in this book and it disappointed me. I loved the book a lot, but because of this one character...it kind of bothered me and I didn't enjoy the book as much.