Wish I Could Forget

Remember This (A Romantic Comedy) - Shae Buggs

When hot headed workaholic Lucy suspects that she has caught her husband Mason cheating...she does what any self respecting scorned wife would do...physically assaults Mason with a bottle of wine. Knocked unconscious and miraculously oblivious to the fact that he has married a psychotic woman...Mason has no memory of Lucy or their marriage and must depend on that psycho to get his memory back on track. 


So this book, yeah. Not good. Not good by a long shot. Not only was it completely inane and extremely not funny it was also poorly written. Multiple mistakes throughout the book. I absolutely hated Lucy. Such a complete and utter bitch...and somehow we were suppose to root for her? Mason wasn't much better, but at least he was entertaining and much smarter than his awful wife. 


After I finished this book, I just wished for my own bottle of wine so I could obliterate the memory of this book.