Nine Inches: Stories - Tom Perrotta

After discovering the brilliance of Tom Perrotta at the beginning of this year I decided to make it my mission never to turn down an opportunity to read one of his books. When I saw his brand new, not even released short story collection, Nine Inches up for grabs on a Good Reads giveaway I knew that I had to enter the contest. With luck, I won and was completely ecstatic when it finally arrived in the mail.


Tom Perrotta's Nine Inches did not disappoint.


Not that that is surprising or anything. I mean, we are talking about the very man who wrote The Leftovers. Still, with a title like Nine Inches, there was definitely a question whether or not it would work to it's potential.


Nine Inches is a collection of 10 short stories, each separate from one another but each as strong as the next. I would be lying if I said I was a huge fan of every one of those 10 stories, but there was no denying that every one of them was a strong story, with memorable characters and plot lines that were easy to conjure up, even weeks after finishing the book.


Whether you've enjoyed Tom Perrotta's books in the past or just enjoy contemporary short stories this is definitely something worth picking up.