The Bonesetter's Daughter - Amy Tan

This book has gotten a lot of mixed reviews from readers, and I suppose I can see why. This is one of those books that takes a lot of patience and as a whole probably does not appeal to a wide range audience. 

Personally I enjoyed The Bonesetter's Daughter, but I have to admit this was definitely a book that I had to take my time reading. It was a slow paced book, one that took quite a few chapters to catch it's stride. I found that I would only read a chapter at a time before wanting to direct my attention to another book or another activity all together. 

Surprisingly, my favorite part of the book was towards the end, when we hear LuLing's story. Once I reached that part of the book, I found that I wanted to keep reading and what prompted me to give this book a four star rating even though, based on what I've written, would probably have only earned a three star rating.

I'm definitely glad that I finally gave Amy Tan another chance. I read The Joy Luck Club ages ago, and while I enjoyed it...didn't feel compelled to read another Amy Tan book. Now I think I will make an effort to seek out more of Tan's books.