Mrs. Lieutenant - Phyllis Zimbler Miller

Overall, I enjoyed Mrs. Lieutenant. I enjoy learning about the 60's-70's and so the setting was just perfect for me. It was also a kind of unique experience to read a book in the perspective of those left behind during the Vietnam War, the wives. Especially the wives who's husbands were already in the US armed forces who knew that chances were good that their husbands would get sent to Vietnam...and not have the draft lottery to hopefully work in their husbands' favor.

I did like the characters in this novel. Kim annoyed me but I had to admit that she was necessary to move the plot forward and as the book progressed I found that Kim wasn't as annoying as I had initially thought. A little ignorant of how the world was, but I understood where her ignorance was coming from. 

I wasn't a big fan of the beginning of the book, mostly because initially the book switched focus from one character to the next and it became confusing to keep each character in order. Eventually the book became more cohesive and I did finally manage to keep the characters in order but it was a struggle for the first 100 pages or so to keep I was confused as to what was going on.

Another thing that I didn't like what physical reactions that each character had. Instead of feeling part of the story, I found them laughable more times then not and they were distracting. 

Overall, though, I enjoyed this book and definitely do not regret reading it.