What Happened to Goodbye - Sarah Dessen

What Happened to Goodbye is a truly typical Sarah Dessen book. If you've read almost any Sarah Dessen book, you will understand the statement. If you haven't...well basically it's girl finds herself in some kind of new situation (whether by location, or socially) then as she adjusts to the new situation she makes friends and inexplicably falls for the most unlikely of guys. It sounds boring, the same scenario being played over and over again in each book but this is almost never the case...the story line is almost always compelling and the characters are strong.

What Happened to Goodbye has all the usual elements in a Dessen book, but I felt that the characters of Mclean and Dave were lacking the usual chemistry, plus, to be honest...they were sort of boring. I found that I was much more interested in one of the secondary character, Deb, wishing that there was a book where SHE was the main character. From the small details that Deb revels in What Happened to Goodbye, it's clear that she definitely had an intriguing back story.

Still, it was a worthy effort and not a bad read for the discounted price.