The Lincoln Lawyer  - Michael Connelly

A few months ago I attempted to watch the movie version of The Lincoln Lawyer. I don't think I made it 15 minutes before my husband nudged me awake. 

Still, when this book appeared as a Kindle Daily Deal I couldn't resist. Hey, books are almost always better than the movies, and to be fair, there was no way I gave the movie a fair trial. 

This book starts out slow and for probably the first quarter or so I struggled to figure out what this book was about as it seemed to bounce around and it was hard to keep the characters straight and well, the narration just seemed to fall on the tedious side. I'm still surprised Mickey Haller didn't narrate himself using the toilet or something...

But then, finally, just before I gave up any hopes of getting a decent read the book picks up and wow, what a ride. It's not too often that I read mysteries or crime novels aside from the somewhat tame John Grisham but I definitely enjoyed the latter half.

Still not sure if the dull beginning was worth slogging through, which was why it only earned a 3 star rating. It was good, but definitely not worth a second read and I probably wouldn't go out of my way to read the other books in this series. However, I may try the movie again. Now that I can follow it a little bit better.